Antique Furniture for Sale Gauteng

5 Great Tips on Power Picking Antique Furniture for Sale in Gauteng If You Want to Resell 

Buying and reselling antiques has become big business lately, and there is now a brand-new generation of antique hunters out there who are always looking for a bargain on antique furniture for sale in Gauteng, just so that they can resell it at a profit. Often, these pieces are sold on online auctions, and sometimes they stick to antique fares, local dealers or private sales. Occasionally, they even source particular pieces for clients, but you have to be a very adept antique picker to know exactly which pieces to choose that will bring the most in resale value. When it comes to power picking the right pieces from all the antique furniture for sale in Gauteng, it helps to follow some guidelines. Continue reading…

Quality Antique Furniture Restoration

Why is it Vital to Invest in High-Quality Antique Furniture Restoration for your Valuable Pieces? 

Investing in beautiful pieces of antique furniture is more than just a hobby for a lot of people – for some, it is a very valuable method of investing money for future growth. Of course, antiques are old; that is why they are called antiques – and depending on the environment in which the piece lived, it may have various degrees of damage, or suffered some wear and tear during use. Unless the piece has been packaged up and locked away for a hundred years, chances are that you will probably not find anything that does not have some kind of damage to it, and if you do decide to purchase the piece, you have to decide whether it is worth restoring back to its former glory.

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Antique Dining Room Suites for Sale

How to Choose the Most Suitable Antique Dining Room Suites for Sale 

An antique dining room suite can bring some real style and class to a formal dining room. The shape of the table and table legs together with the upholstered chairs always look great in most settings. If you are looking for antique dining room suites for sale, you will have to have a very specific idea of what you want, and how it will fit into the space you have.

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Restoration of Antiques

4 Situations When Only Professional Restoration of Antiques Will Do 

Antique furniture has always been very desirable – they are used in homes and offices everywhere to depict good taste, style and elegance. Often these pieces are bought as investments, and because they hold their value very well over time, they can be a very good financial move. It is true, though, that nothing lasts forever, and even a high-quality piece may start showing signs of wear and tear, especially if it does get used on a regular basis. Continue reading…