Quality Antique Furniture Restoration

Why is it Vital to Invest in High-Quality Antique Furniture Restoration for your Valuable Pieces? 

Investing in beautiful pieces of antique furniture is more than just a hobby for a lot of people – for some, it is a very valuable method of investing money for future growth. Of course, antiques are old; that is why they are called antiques – and depending on the environment in which the piece lived, it may have various degrees of damage, or suffered some wear and tear during use. Unless the piece has been packaged up and locked away for a hundred years, chances are that you will probably not find anything that does not have some kind of damage to it, and if you do decide to purchase the piece, you have to decide whether it is worth restoring back to its former glory.

The restoration of antiques is a notoriously difficult business. There are hundreds of furniture restorers who claim that they are able to do this, but the fact remains that you have to find a true professional who specialises in high-quality antique restoration before you can let them loose on your investment. A bad or unnecessary restoration job can completely destroy the value, validity and the look of the piece…and then you are basically stranded with a piece that is worth nothing more than a damaged, modern piece.

This is why you should take great care when selecting a professional restoration company or individual to restore your valuable antiques. The restoration of antiques is a highly specialised job that requires specialist knowledge and a wide variety of skills, as well as a long list of very specialised tools. It takes time, a specialist vision, an expert eye, and a desire to improve the piece. Even though you may end up paying a lot for the restoration, you simply cannot afford to skimp on skill when it comes to quality antique furniture restoration, because you may lose your investment altogether if the job is not done right!

How to Find a True Professional to Restore your Valuable Antiques

Finding the right person to do your quality antique furniture restoration is basically like finding the best professional or supplier for any kind of job. First, you must know who you are dealing with, so do proper research. Ask around at antique shops for recommendations and, if possible, ask to have a look at what that person has done. Have a look at what kind of restoration work your piece will need and ask people who they would use for particular pieces – some are more skilled at upholstery, for instance, and others are better with wood. It is always good to find someone with a longstanding good reputation and lots of experience.

Once you have decided on a few professional restoring experts, go and meet them, and if possible, take your antique piece with you. If the piece is too large to transport, you may ask the professional to come out to your home to provide an estimate of what should be done.

One of the things that will probably factor into the equation is cost. Often, quality antique furniture restoration can be a bit pricey, but don’t be tempted to choose cost over professionalism. Rather pay more for someone you have complete confidence in, than pay less for someone that you are not quite sure of.  You can also ask about warrantees – the better antique furniture restoration experts will usually provide you with some kind of warrantee or guarantee on their work.

If the piece is particularly valuable, it helps to have a contract drawn up that specifies the particular type of work to be done, as well as a cost and time estimate. This will help if the job does not go according to plan or if the restoration expert does not deliver. It also helps to list the value of the piece before the restoration, and to get an estimate afterwards as well, just to ensure that the restoration was worth it.

If you are looking for quality antique furniture restoration, all you have to do is to contact our team at Kings & Queens Antique Furniture. We have built a solid reputation as providers of quality antiques and vintage pieces, and we have access to the best restoration experts. Contact us today to find out more!