Upholstery & Restoration

What is Upholstery for me?

My answer is simply… upholstery is uniqueness.


Unparalleled, incomparable, limited in occurrence, to a given class, limited to a single

outcome result. Not typical, unusual… live a unique life.  Be happy to be yourself. Nobody is superior, nobody inferior, but nobody is either the same. You are simply UNIQUE.

Be Unique.

Fabric is like your personality,how you feel and what you want to see in life.

Upholstery is not just a work it is a passion for art. We simply bring the painting of the canvas to your of item to your home.

Our passion is to capture your uniqueness in the following styles.

Modern, Classic, Contemporary, Retro ,Art Deco, Antique , Bohemian, Country style, Vintage ,Zen, Shabby chic, Industrial, Or your own uniqueness.

Have Something else in mind

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