About Kings and Queens

Our furniture is exactly as the name represents , Kings and Queens with a flare of modern in royalty antiques.

Kings and Queens will provide you with an unparalleled experience regarding the beautifying of your home. We give our clients a wide range of options and also allow them to participate in the designs process in a very personal way.

We manufacture and supply items which are wholeheartedly unique. What makes our team special is that we pride ourselves on quality and hand crafted items which will never be found in a friend or neighbour’s home.

We charge for the exclusive and quality service our client’s receive. In this case you really do pay for what you get.

About The Owner

My name is Lanie Fourie and I am the happy and proud owner of Kings and Queens Antique Furniture. My love and enthusiasm for antique furniture began long ago, as my fascination by the history, style and class which it embodied, appealed to me even as a child.

While on holiday in Europe, I was constantly surrounded by antique furniture steeped in rich history and character. It was this experience which, back in December 2012, led me to open Kings and Queens Antique Furniture and with the support of my husband, I was able to import my first range of handpicked antiques from Europe.

Meeting the criteria of the strict code of practice as set out by NAADA, more blessings came my way when I was allowed to partake at the National Antiques Faire, showing off my wide selection of antique furniture and collectables. After enjoying much success at the exhibition, I realised that I was no longer just dreaming of and thinking about all things antique, but that I was surrounded by and able to share with others that which I am most passionate about – antiques!